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Oates family edwardian conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory and Classic Roof Installation

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Edwardian Conservatory Installation

Edwardian conservatories are perfect additions to any style of home, including traditional ones. One family found this out when they were researching the ideal conservatory for their home.

Oates family edwardian conservatoryOverview

We all know that installing a conservatory can be a stressful time, which is why, at Select Products, we are here to help.

The Oates family approached us looking for the perfect conservatory to match the traditional aesthetic of their home.

The vision they had was that their new conservatory would flood their home with natural light. Thus, creating a brighter and more open space to live in.

So, with this vision in mind, we worked with them to find the ideal conservatory. Browsing through our range, we made sure they were aware of all the key details.

Having looked through our range, they settled on a stunning Edwardian conservatory.
edwardian conservatory cost

Edwardian Conservatory with Classic Roof

The Edwardian conservatory creates an excellent rectangular shape. With this type of conservatory, you have the option of installing a range of different roofs.

With clean lines, the Edwardian conservatory creates a modern space on the inside. However, the exterior still possesses a stunning traditional quality.

The Oates family chose to pair their new Edwardian conservatory with a beautiful classic roof. Market leading manufacturers, Ultraframe, supplied this roof.

The classic roof is ideal for ensuring your home is flooded with natural light. As well as this, it enables you to create the perfect atmosphere for almost any purpose.

Ultraframe manufactures their roofing system to ensure you are getting a lightweight roof. Utilising the latest technological advancements, you will be getting double glazed glass panels.

Including this, the Oates family also chose to install an Ultrasky Lantern. This was selected to brighten a room underneath their house, ensuring they can make full use of it.
edwardian conservatory classic roof

The Installation Result

The Oates family were highly impressed with their installation of the Edwardian conservatory with a classic roof, as well as the installation of the high performance Ultrasky lLantern.

Their home was flooded with ample amounts of natural light, making it a brighter space for them enjoy all year round.
interior edwardian conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory and Ultrasky Lantern Prices

To find out more about this success story, and install one of our stunning conservatories into your home, get in touch today! Give us a call on 0113 257 8933 or send us a message using our contact form. We will be more than happy to help you find and install the perfect conservatory for your home.


Victorian Conservatories Leeds

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Is a Conservatory on the ‘to do’ list for 2017? Have you considered investing in one of our stylish, high quality Victorian Conservatories? Ask yourself this, with Spring just around the corner is there really any better time to start planning your dream Victorian Conservatory? This month, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Victorian Conservatories.

Before we begin, why should you choose Select Products to supply and fit your brand new Victorian Conservatory? We are a family ran business based in Leeds, with many successful and exciting years of experience in fitting bespoke Victorian Conservatories throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas.

What’s more, Select Products are proud business partners of Ultraframe. Ultraframe are pioneers of the conservatory roof industry, helping to drastically improve your Victorian Conservatories energy efficiency and security.

Insurance Backed Guarantee For All Victorian Conservatories

Have total peace of mind when you invest in a Victorian conservatory. Our insurance backed guarantee covers your Victorian conservatory from the very start, to the finish and beyond. Your insurance backed guarantee covers your deposit, any work in progress and your completed Victorian conservatory.

Essentially, our insurance backed guarantee is with you from the very start, to the very finish. Have the pleasure of knowing that your Victorian conservatory is backed for a full decade after completion. We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer care.




What Benefits Will A Victorian Conservatory Give My Leeds Property?

Aside from quickly raising the value of your property, a Victorian Conservatory improves your Leeds property in a number of ways. Mainly security and energy efficiency, along with providing you and your family with practical and usable living space that you can benefit from day in day out.

As property renovation experts, we recognise our responsibility in assuring the security of your family. We design your conservatory to be as security conscious as possible, keeping all locks and hinges away from the beady eyes of would be thieves. What’s more, our double glazed windows, which go towards making our unique Victorian conservatories, are internally beaded. This makes it near on impossible to remove the glass from the outside, again heightening the security of your Victorian conservatory.

Furthermore, our Victorian conservatories are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Assuring that your expensive heating remains within your Leeds property. Don’t be mistaken or mislead into thinking that a Victorian conservatory will have an impact on your monthly heating bills, nothing could be further from the truth.

We only source the highest quality materials when designing, and building your conservatory. Every element of your Victorian conservatory has been designed to save you energy, and utilise your heating.

made to measure victorian conservatories in leeds

Our Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatories have grown to become one of the most popular conservatory designs throughout Leeds. Their timeless design, superior energy efficiency and added security values make Victorian conservatories a popular contender for anybody considering a conservatory.

Victorian conservatories are available in both three and five facet designs. Both styles achieve the same cosy homely feel, adding valuable living space to your Leeds home.

All in all, Victorian conservatories utilise natural light and offer thermally efficient and fully secure living space that yourself and your family can enjoy each and every day. Victorian conservatories are a fantastic rendition to both period and modern homes. Highlighting the charisma of your property whilst increasing the overall value. As professional conservatory installers, we recognise our responsibility in assuring the safety and well being of yourself and your family members. That’s why, when we design your Victorian conservatory, we build all locks and hinges into the frame. Keeping them far away from would be burglars.

Furthermore, all of our glass is internally beaded to improve the overall security of your Victorian conservatory. Internally beaded glass cannot be removed from the frame. Again, a fantastic and proven defence against burglars.

Free Online Quote

Do you think that a Victorian conservatory could be the perfect choice for your Leeds property? Or, do you simply want to find out how little one of our made to measure and highly secure Victorian conservatory will cost you? Our customers benefit from a free online quote, easily generated on our mobile friendly website. Simply visit the quote section of our website and fill out the short form.

Or, alternatively, why not give one of our friendly team members a call? Our polite and experienced staff are more than happy to take you through the installation process, provide you with further details on Victorian conservatories and even give you you a free no-obligation quote over the phone. Call us now on –  0113 257 8933.

Victorian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

Lean-To Conservatories

Gable-End Conservatories

Bespoke Conservatories

Orangeries Conservatories

Conservatory Roofs Leeds

Conservatories in Ilkley

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Our conservatories are sure to be a fantastic and beautiful addition to any Ilkley home. By enhancing light, space and functionality, our conservatories are sure to leave you completely satisfied. Here at Select Products, we only offer the best available.

In order to ensure that our conservatories accommodate for all Ilkley homeowners, we offer them in a wide range of styles. These styles include Victorian Conservatories, Edwardian Conservatories, Lean-To Conservatories, Gable-End Conservatories, Bespoke Conservatories and Orangeries.

Conservatories and Their Benefits

Outstanding Aesthetic

Depending on which one of our conservatories you choose, you’ll benefit from varying elements of character. Conservatories have a way of completely enhancing the dynamic of any property they are installed into, and can either bring a traditional element or a modern touch.

Exceptional Performance

The beauty of our conservatories is not just skin-deep. Featuring a fantastic standard of thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and a highly secure shootbolt locking system, our conservatories will keep both the adverse weather, and intruders outside where they belong.Conservatories Ilkley

Versatile Design

The size and shape of your Ilkley property will not result in you missing out on one of our beautiful conservatories. We can fit our conservatories in a wide range of styles and sizes, which means we can cater for any and all Ilkley homes. Let our expert installers tackle any problems that may arise.

Conservatories for All Ilkley Homes


The Victorian conservatory feature a highly sought after multi-facet design. You can choose between 3 to 5 facets, which enables you to dictate whether your Victorian conservatory will be a small, homely space, or a large, open function room. With Select Products, you won’t miss out.

To ensure the very best in conservatory performance, all of our Victorian designs are manufactured using the highly innovative Ultraframe design. This guarantees outstanding levels of weatherproofing, durability, thermal efficiency and security. Get the best for your Ilkley home, with Select Products.Victorian conservatory Ilkley


The Edwardian design excels in its ability to offer a generous amount of floor space. Although in the same traditional vein as a Victorian conservatory, the Edwardian conservatory consists of a rectangular design. This simpler and subtler design enables them to be a discrete, attractive addition to any Ilkley home.

The double hipped conservatory roof design that is present in every Edwardian conservatory means that it can easily be adapted to your Ilkley home. When we combine this with the outstanding Ultraframe design, you’ll get the best without the hassle.Conservatories in Ilkley


The lean-to style is the go to choice for any Ilkley homeowners who have unconventional or awkward spaces. This is because the low roof design can be easily tailored to fit your Ilkley property perfectly, and ensures satisfaction throughout.

This conservatory design is often referred to as a ‘Mediterranean Sunroom’, and their crisp, European aesthetic ensures not only increased views, but that you’ll be able to enjoy large amounts of natural light flooding throughout your home.Conservatory in Ilkley


A Gable-End design is a fantastic way to enhance the grandeur and space of your Ilkley home. By bringing harmony between front-elevation, a high-pitched roof and a square or rectangular floor plan, gable-end conservatories effortlessly maximise natural light allowance and living space.

The impressive Ultraframe design means that the gable-end option not only prove themselves to be beautiful addition to any Ilkley home, they also guarantee high levels of performance. This means that you’ll be covered when it comes to security, thermal efficiency and durability.Gable Conservatories Ilkley


The P-shaped design is an impressive and practical way to combine the best element of two other conservatory styles. By combining a Victorian conservatory with a lean-to conservatory, p-shaped conservatories offer you double the style, and double the living space.

This increased conservatory space also allows for an eye-catching and outstanding aesthetic impact. We offer all of our p-shaped conservatories in a comprehensive range of glazing options, finishes, colours and design features. This means that you’ll always achieve the perfect conservatory look.p-shaped conservatory Ilkley


A Bespoke conservatory is the easiest way to get a conservatory that is as unique as you, and your Ilkley property. You can completely tailor them to your tastes and preferences, and by choosing from a Loggia Prestige, Loggia Premium or Loggia Ultimate design, you’ll guarantee yourself the very best in conservatory performance.

If you’re looking for a conservatory that not accurately reflects your character and personality, then bespoke conservatories are the right choice for you. With Select Products, you come first.Bespoke Conservatory Ilkley


If you like the idea of a conservatory but worry about how much privacy they offer, then an orangery is the perfect solution for you. Orangeries differ from conservatories in the sense that they consist of greatly reduced sightlines into your Ilkley property, without compromising on natural light allowance.

Orangeries from us are available in two distinct conservatory styles, which are the LivinRoom Orangery and the Traditional Orangery. If you’re looking for an orangery that exudes a classic aesthetic whilst benefiting from all the leaps in modern innovation, then the Traditional Orangery is the choice for you.

The LivinRoom conservatory combines a classic conservatory roof with a contemporary and state of the art perimeter ceiling. This results in a perfectly balanced combination of orangery and conservatory, and simply allows you to enjoy the best of both.Orangery Ilkley

Conservatories Prices

Interested in the pricing of our conservatories? Don’t hesitate to visit us today and get a free, instant, non-obligatory online quote today. You’ll be able to take full advantage of our competitive prices, and you won’t be left wanting.

Alternatively, if you feel you require more information, you can get in contact with us via our online contact form. We always make sure one of our friendly team is on hand to help you with any problems you may have, and ensure you get a prompt and informative response.

Conservatory Rerfurbishment Prices Harrogate

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

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Conservatory Prices: Cost-Effective for Harrogate Homes

A new conservatory for your Harrogate home may seem like a costly venture, but it doesn’t have to be. Our conservatory prices are highly cost-effective and can be tailored to meet any budgetary requirements.

We have a beautiful range of designs and styles, so you are certain to find a conservatory amongst our selection to suit any property. Our conservatory prices include Ultraframe’s market leading roofing systems. Select Products are British Board of Agrément accredited installers of Ultraframe’s products.

Read on to find out more about our conservatory prices in Harrogate, and take a look at some of our available styles.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Conservatory Prices: Bring Light and Space to Your Harrogate Home

Our conservatory prices are a cost-effective way to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Natural light is an incredible way to create the illusion of space in your Harrogate home and to tastefully illuminate your living area.

When you install a conservatory, prices for your home on the property market will increase. When you buy a conservatory from Select Products, you are directly increasing the attractiveness and desirability of your home for potential buyers.

Our conservatory prices can include solar control glass, so your conservatory will not be subject to extreme temperature fluctuations during the hotter and colder months. This solar power glass also contributes very effectively to the thermal efficiency of your home, which means you will save money on your energy bills.

Secure Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Our conservatory prices feature high standard security. We use robust and firm uPVC in all of our designs. uPVC is a highly sturdy material that will not break under environmental pressure. Enjoy the benefits of our beautiful conservatories, without compromising on security.

A Range of Styles to Suit any Budget

At Select Products, our conservatory prices can be tailored to suit your exact budget. We have a huge and beautiful variety of conservatories, with customisable features to suit any home. Just take a look at some of our beautiful range of conservatories.

Victorian Conservatories

Our Victorian conservatories are a great way to retain the traditional feel of a classic property. Highly popular in Harrogate, these conservatories are a timeless piece of architecture. Elegant and ornate, these conservatories add a touch of Victorian flourish to any property, at affordable conservatory prices.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Edwardian Conservatories

Our Edwardian conservatory prices are an excellent way to maximise space. The Edwardian conservatory has a clean and straightforward appearance and is a tastefully understated addition, sure to complement any home.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Lean-To Conservatories

Another popular choice in Harrogate, the lean-to conservatory is a highly versatile design. Offering beautiful styles at affordable conservatory prices, these beautiful designs will fit right into any property. These conservatories can be seen as an affordable way to extend your home. Their versatility means they can easily be installed into even the most awkwardly shaped of homes.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Gable End Conservatories

A Gable End conservatory is a great way to add period flourish to any home. Perhaps best suited to traditional houses, these conservatories offer authentic and traditional design. Your Gable End conservatory can be customised to suit you, whether you prefer more subtle designs, or something more ornate.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

P-Shaped Conservatories

Influenced by both the Victorian and lean-to styles, this piece combines the two styles together to great effect. This Harrogate conservatory design allows you to enjoy the innate flourish of the Victorian conservatory, with the simple, no-nonsense versatility of a lean-to.

Conservatory Prices Harrogate

Contact us for Conservatory Prices in Harrogate

We also offer a range of bespoke pieces, at competitive Harrogate conservatory prices.

If you would like to find out more about our conservatory prices in Harrogate or would like to find out about any of our other products and prices, please contact us. Our team is highly experienced and ready to help you with any questions you may have and provide you with as much further information as you desire.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a free, instant quote, please use our online quoting engine. You will have a competitively priced quote, tailored to your exact dimensions and specifications within minutes. When you use our online quoting system, you are under no obligation to buy.

Conservatories leeds

uPVC Conservatories Yeadon

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uPVC Conservatories to Enrich Your Lifestyle in Yeadon

New uPVC conservatories are the ideal home improvements to enrich your lifestyle in Yeadon. You can create a new dining room, living area, office, playroom, or anything else you can think of with a new uPVC conservatory.

These stunning conservatories are the ideal alternative to traditional extensions, offering you the practicality of additional space combined with the beauty of a sunroom.

Here at Select Products, we install stunning uPVC conservatories across Yeadon. Each one is uniquely designed to complement your home and the space you have by our experts. You are able to choose from a variety of options to get the perfect combination of style and functionality for your home improvements.

Read through our handy guide to uPVC conservatories in Yeadon, to get some inspiration for your home improvements.

uPVC Conservatories – The Benefits

uPVC conservatories in Yeadon from Select Products offer superb all round performance for your home.

They are fantastically energy efficient, making them ideal for use on even the coldest of winter days, and they are also brilliantly secure, protecting your family and your property.

When you choose one of our uPVC conservatories, we will be there to help you from start to finish, working with you to create a fuss-free installation that will last for many years to come.

Our conservatories are all tailored to you, so you can opt for a range of colour finishes, including a natural wood effect and a variety of door and window styles. You can also opt to have brickwork as part of the structure, and we offer a variety of brick options to blend in with your property.

When you choose Select Products for your uPVC conservatory installation, you will benefit from extensive choice and superb customer service as well as high quality products.

Our uPVC conservatories come in a variety of designs, which we have summarised below to help you plan your Yeadon home improvements.

uPVC Conservatory Prices YeadonLean-To Conservatories in Yeadon

One of the many benefits of Lean-To conservatories for Yeadon homeowners is the versatility they offer. These stunning conservatories can almost be as large or as small as you like. They make the most of awkward spaces, creating new, practical living space where once there was simply a dark and unloved corner of your garden.

Lean-to conservatories are great for terraced homes, cottages and bungalows, as they can be perfectly adapted to benefit these styles of properties. They can even fit alongside your home, perhaps adding a utility room or a sunlounge.

uPVC conservatories are affordable home improvements, and lean-to conservatories offer the very best value for money.

Edwardian Conservatories

uPVC conservatories in Yeadon are never more elegant or stylish as the Edwardian conservatory design. This minimalist and simple style will enhance any property with sleek and fresh lines. It is a versatile option, complementing both modern homes and traditional properties.

Edwardian conservatories have a square or rectangular shape, which is ideal for living areas, dining rooms and offices, as you benefit from flexible floor space. They are the perfect solution for when you are in need of extra living space, but don’t want the cost and hassle of an extension.uPVC conservatory yeadon prices

Victorian Conservatories in Yeadon

Our uPVC conservatories range in Yeadon includes the stunning Victorian conservatory, one of the most popular conservatory styles across the UK. These stunning conservatories are a perfect choice for traditional charm, as well as beautiful views. They have a three or five faceted shape which gives you fantastic views.

This classic design is intricately finished with decorative finials, adding style and character to your home.

Victorian Conservatory Yeadon

Gable Conservatories

uPVC conservatories can provide the most breath-taking space for you to enjoy, and one of the most spectacular options for your Yeadon home, is the Gable conservatory. This stunning design has the structure of the Edwardian conservatory topped off with a stunning roof that replicates the shape of the end of a house.

You will benefit from extensive natural light and an eye catching feature in your home.

Conservatory Prices Yeadon

P-Shaped Conservatories in Yeadon

Our luxurious P-shaped conservatories in Yeadon will completely transform your home. They are created through a combination of the lean-to conservatory and the Victorian conservatory to create a wonderful, multi-functional living space.

You can have one end focused on dining and the other set aside as a playroom, or any other combination, to meet your every need.

P-Shaped Conservatory Yeadon

Bespoke Conservatories

uPVC conservatories in Yeadon come in a range of styles, however, if none of our options meet your needs, then perhaps you would prefer a bespoke conservatory. Our designers will work with you to create your dream additional space that reflects your tastes and meets your every requirement. Contact us for more information.

Conservatory Prices Yeadon

uPVC Conservatories Prices in Yeadon

Our uPVC conservatories prices in Yeadon are perfectly adapted to reflect your specifications. You can get a tailored guide price in a matter of minutes with our online designer. Try it now and create the ideal conservatory for your budget and your home.

Conservatory Roofs Horsforth

uPVC Conservatory Prices Batley

By | uPVC Conservatory Prices Batley

Superb uPVC Conservatory Prices for Your Batley Home Improvements

Choosing a conservatory for your home improvements in Batley means looking at uPVC conservatory prices. There is so much to consider, but with Select Products, you are sure to find the right combination of style, performance and costs to suit you.

Our guide to uPVC conservatory prices in Batley has been put together to help you plan for the costs and think about the features and details that are the right options for your new conservatory.

Read on to find out more and prepare for your home improvements.

uPVC Conservatory Prices – A Step by Step Guide

Our step by step guide to uPVC conservatory prices breaks down the costs that you need to consider for your new living space. Conservatories are a brilliantly cost effective alternative to brick built extensions, and following these steps will ensure you are fully prepared.uPVC Conservatories Batley

Step One of uPVC Conservatory Prices – The Base

The first thing to consider when planning for your new uPVC conservatory is where you are going to place it.

Up to 40% of uPVC conservatory prices are based on creating the foundations for your new conservatory. We will need to create a base for it to sit on, which might involve levelling the site, creating a smooth concrete floor and perhaps a dwarf wall for the structure to sit on.

Step Two of uPVC Conservatory Prices – Brickwork

When it comes to the brickwork for your new conservatory, you can choose from a range of options to suit your budget. There are premium handmade bricks, which come at higher costs, or LBC Common bricks that are more affordable. There are so many options, that you can almost certainly find something to meet your needs.

Step Three of uPVC Conservatory Prices – Conservatory Styles in Batley

Here at Select Products, we offer our customers a range of styles, from the cost effective and simple to install lean-to conservatory, to a luxurious bespoke conservatory.

Our uPVC conservatory prices can be tailored to your Batley home improvements budget when you customise your conservatory. There are so many style options. Choose from one of the designs below, then decide if you want it finished in a natural woodgrain foil to blend in with the character of your home, or a clean and fresh white, offering a classical conservatory aesthetic.

We offer:

Lean-To Conservatories

Ideal for any space and any size of property, these cost effective lean-to conservatories will help your home reach its full potential.uPVC Conservatories Batley

Edwardian Conservatories

Elegant and minimalist, the Edwardian conservatory has a square or rectangular shape that makes it perfect for dining rooms, offices and play rooms – any function that needs a large floor space.Conservatory Prices Batley

Victorian Conservatories

These charming Victorian conservatories are so exquisitely detailed, and are a stunning addition with their traditional multi-faceted shape and superb all round views.Conservatory Prices Batley

Gable Conservatories

Using an Edwardian base, the gable conservatory has a breath taking roof, replicating the end of a house, it floods your new living space with light.Conservatory Prices Batley

P-Shaped Conservatories

Perfect for when you have plenty of space to develop in your garden, the P-shaped conservatory combines the lean-to and Victorian to create multifunctional and stylish living space.Conservatory Prices Batley

Bespoke Conservatories

Created just for your Batley home, our bespoke conservatories are designed to meet your every requirement, from style to function.Conservatory Prices Batley

Step Four of uPVC Conservatory Prices – The Glazing

Choose from a range of stylish windows to create the perfect combination of openings and style to suit your tastes and price range.

Our stunning windows are all fantastically energy efficient, making your conservatory a comfortable place to be on bitter winter days as well as blistering summer afternoons.

Step Five of uPVC Conservatory Prices in Batley – The Doors

There are countless uPVC doors to choose from for your conservatory. We like French doors and sliding doors, as they create a beautiful and practical finish.

For absolute style, you can even opt for bi-fold doors which will create a seamless link between your conservatory and your garden, enabling you to have a stunning living space that truly combines the indoors and the outdoors.

Step Six of uPVC Conservatory Prices – Finishing Touches

You will need to choose a conservatory roof to finish your new extension. There is the traditional polycarbonate option, which is superb for light, but isn’t as energy efficient as our glass roofs.

We also work with the LivinROOF solid roof which gives you a luxury finish and ensures your conservatory is a practical living space, almost on par with a traditional extension.

We can even help with lighting and heating, so that every aspect of your conservatory is just perfect.Conservatory Prices Batley

uPVC Conservatory Prices, Batley

Our online conservatory designer is so easy to use, and you can create your dream conservatory and get an instant tailored quote quickly and efficiently.

We are also happy to help you with your conservatory ideas, and give you expert advice to find the right conservatory prices for your Batley home improvements. Get in touch and speak to our friendly team.

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Lean-to Conservatories Leeds

uPVC Conservatories Baildon

By | uPVC Conservatories Baildon

Need More Living Space in Baildon? uPVC Conservatories are The Answer!

uPVC conservatories are a great choice for creating extra living space in your Baildon home without all the hassle and disruption of a traditional extension. You still get a practical extra room, but without all the costly and time consuming challenges that come with brick extensions.

uPVC conservatories provide a brilliant, multi-purpose living space in any home, and come in a variety of styles and designs to complement your Baildon property.

Here at Select Products, we supply and install high quality conservatories throughout Baildon. Our range is fantastic, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your needs and expectations.

Read through this handy guide to our stunning uPVC conservatories and see how they could benefit your Baildon home, and even transform your property!uPVC Conservatories Baildon

Year Round Living Space

uPVC conservatories were once known for being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, making them an impractical space, however, our modern conservatories are designed and manufactured using the latest technology to ensure year round performance.

Your Baildon home will be enhanced by our energy efficient uPVC conservatories. We work with the conservatory manufacturer Ultraframe  to provide impressively thermally sound uPVC conservatories in Baildon.

The innovative designs provide maximum energy efficiency, ensuring that on the coldest of days your conservatory will still be a warm and cosy space. On hot summer days, there will be no oven effect, ensuring that your conservatory is comfortable in the summer sun.

With a uPVC conservatory from Select Products, your home will benefit from a practical living space that can be used whatever the weather.

Security to Keep Your Home Protected

uPVC conservatories from Select Products are created to keep your Baildon home protected. We install incredibly impressive and high security locking mechanism into every opening in our conservatories.

Every window and door will be securely lockable, making your home and conservatory protected against potential intruders.

You can have peace of mind that with a uPVC conservatory from our range, would be intruders will be successfully deterred.uPVC Conservatories Baildon

Styled Just For Your Baildon Home

Our uPVC conservatories can be tailored to your tastes with a range of options, creating a unique additional room for your home.

We offer a range of conservatory styles, which we will explore in a moment, and each one can be customised with colour and woodgrain finishes, decorative glazing, hardware and accessories. You can be in complete control of your conservatory’s look, ensuring that it reflects your personal tastes.

We offer several wonderful conservatory styles; our summaries below give you insight into each one.

Victorian Conservatories

These highly sought after uPVC conservatories are in a traditional, multi-faceted design and have a timeless appearance which suits any property, period or modern.Victorian Conservatory Baildon

Edwardian Conservatories

Our stunning Edwardian conservatories create a superbly practical living space thanks to their square or rectangular shape, which makes a brilliant dining room or living area.Edwardian conservatory Baildon

Lean-To Conservatories

For ultimate versatility, the lean-to conservatory is the ideal choice. They can be fitted into almost any space and work with low eaves too. With a lean-to conservatory, size doesn’t matter!Lean-To Conservatory Baildon

Gable End Conservatories

These amazing conservatories are the perfect choice for eye catching detail and a beautiful apex that maximises the influx of natural light for your Baildon home.Gable-End Conservatory Baildon

P-Shaped Conservatories

Our fantastic P-shaped conservatories are brilliant for when you have plenty of space and need a multi-purpose room. They can be used for several activities at once thanks to their unique shape.P-Shaped Conservatory Baildon

Bespoke Conservatories

When you have an awkward space, or you simply want a completely original design, our bespoke conservatories are perfect to enhance your Baildon home with style and elegance.Bespoke Conservatory Baildon


If a traditional conservatory isn’t quite what you’re looking for, our uPVC conservatories range also includes beautiful orangeries so that you can fulfil the potential of your home and garden in Baildon.Orangery Baildon

Unrivalled Conservatory Roofs

Our Ultraframe conservatory roofs are completely unrivalled in the industry, and can turn your uPVC conservatory into a combination of extension and sunroom. These impressive roofs are available in a variety of glazing options as well as solid and tiled roofs. You can have a spectacular living space with our practical and beautiful conservatory roofs.

Conservatory Prices, Baildon

We would love to hear from you to discuss your uPVC conservatories requirements in Baildon. Our helpful team are on hand with expert advice and guidance to ensure your new conservatory meets your needs and incorporates all your ideas.

Speak to us now, or get an instant online quote to get an idea of our uPVC conservatories prices in Baildon.

Conservatory Roofs

uPVC Conservatories Wetherby

By | uPVC Conservatory Wetherby

Create a New Living Space in Your Wetherby Home with a uPVC Conservatory

If you need to expand your Weatherby home, yet you don’t want all the fuss and expense of a brick built extension, then a conservatory could be just what you’re looking for.

Here at Select Products, we offer a vast range of stylish uPVC conservatories that will create additional space for you to enjoy all year round. These spectacular conservatories are constructed using state of the art designs that incorporate the most innovative technology to enhance your experience of your home.

The styles on offer are numerous, so whether you require a traditional uPVC conservatory, a contemporary veranda, or a stylish porch for your Weatherby home, we can help.

We’ve put together this handy guide to the uPVC conservatory styles that we offer homeowners in Weatherby, but first, let us tell you about some of the benefits and features that come with uPVC conservatories.

Comfortable Living Spaces

You will be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round thanks to the innovative energy efficient design from Ultraframe. Ultraframe are uPVC conservatory experts, and they manufacture high quality conservatories that are designed to offer superb thermal performance, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This makes your new uPVC conservatory a practical and versatile space, as you can use it all year round, whatever the weather.uPVC Conservatories in Wetherby

10 Year Guarantee

All our uPVC conservatories come with a fantastic ten year, insurance backed guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind in their durability and robust construction. Our conservatories are created to be completely weather proof and to offer superb security, keeping your home safe from both intruders and the elements.

Approved Installers

Select Products are proud to be Ultraframe approved installers, meaning that we are specifically trained to install these exceptional, high quality uPVC conservatories in homes throughout Weatherby. You can be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a perfect installation.uPVC Conservatories Wetherby

Range of Styles for Your Home

One of the many benefits of choosing Select Products to install your new uPVC conservatory is the vast range of styles we offer to Weatherby homeowners. Whether your property is traditional or contemporary, we are sure to have a style and design that perfectly suits you and your home.

Read our summaries below for a brief look at the features of each uPVC conservatory style.

Victorian Conservatories

Our uPVC Victorian conservatories are a beautiful and elegant option, offering a traditional appearance that will enhance any home. They are available in either 3 or 5 faceted designs and can come in any size.Victorian Conservatory Wetherby

Edwardian Conservatories

For superb, practical space that is ideal for dining rooms of living areas, the Edwardian conservatory is a perfect choice. You will benefit from increased floor space thanks to the square design.Edwardian conservatory Wetherby

Lean-To Conservatories

Stunning and adaptable to any space at all, the lean-to conservatory will provide you with a versatile extra room that can be squeezed into even the smallest of garden areas.Lean-To Conservatory Wetherby

Gable End Conservatories

Designed to offer breath taking style, the gable-end conservatory creates a complete feature of your conservatory roof, offering a luxurious influx of natural light, for a bright and airy space.Gable-End Conservatory Wetherby

P-Shaped Conservatories

This combination of the lean-to and Victorian conservatories creates a beautiful and versatile room for you to enjoy. The P-shaped conservatory is ideal for maximising the potential of the space in your garden.P-Shaped Conservatory Wetherby

Bespoke Conservatories

Created to your exact specifications, combining elements of different designs that you like into one unique space, the bespoke conservatory is a superb option for any home and will enhance the aesthetics of your Weatherby property.Bespoke Conservatory Wetherby


A unique combination of conservatory and extension, orangeries are popular for the privacy they provide combined with the benefits of extensive natural light and superb views.Orangery Wetherby

Conservatory Prices, Wetherby

For more information on any of our conservatories, you can explore our website, or simply contact us. Whatever questions you may have, we will be able to answer them, providing expert advice and guidance for your home improvements.

Our conservatory prices in Weatherby are superb, so why not speak to our advisors today and get a free, no obligation double glazing quote!

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Conservatories, Batley

By | Conservatories Batley

Add Value to Your Batley Property with a New Conservatory!

You can really develop your home simply and efficiently by having a new conservatory installed. Conservatories are brilliant for creating extra space in your Batley property with none of the fuss and disruption that comes with a traditional extension.

Home improvements in Batley are incredibly popular, with many homeowners choosing new conservatories due to their versatility and style. Modern conservatories offer fantastic energy efficiency and security too, enabling you to have a practical glass extension to your home.

Here at Select Products, our range of conservatories is extensive, giving you plenty of choice. You are sure to find the perfect conservatory for your Batley home.

Read on to find out more about why conservatories are so popular for Batley home improvements.

Energy Efficient Conservatories

Modern conservatories offer brilliant energy efficiency. They will create a useful additional room in your Batley home that you can use all year round.

In the winter, when it’s cold outside and the weather is turbulent, our conservatories will keep you cosy and dry, helping to keep your home warmer for longer too. On hot days, you will still get great pleasure from your conservatory, as unlike conservatories from the past, our range have exceptional ventilation options to keep the breeze flowing through the living space. You will be cool and comfortable in your glass extension.

Designed for You

Our entire range of conservatories are designed to meet the needs of your Batley home. Whether that’s in shape and size, or in colour and glazing, your conservatory will be tailored to your needs.

Our uPVC conservatories are available in a variety of tasteful colours, and there are many decorative glazing options too. You can enhance the look with accessories and hardware, so that you get your perfect finish.

Extensive Styles for Your Batley Conservatory

We really do offer the most extensive range of conservatory styles. We have briefly summarised each one below so that you can gain inspiration for your Batley home improvements.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories come in a multi-faceted design with either 3 or 5 panels, and offer a beautiful style for any home at all.Victorian Conservatory Batley

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are the ideal choice for when you want a living room or dining room, as they have a large square or rectangular floor design that makes the most of the available space.Edwardian Conservatories Batley

Lean-To Conservatories

Designed to fit into the most awkward spaces, the lean-to conservatory maximises the potential of bungalows, cottages and terraced homes with its clever design.Lean-To Conservatories Batley

Gable End Conservatories

Gable end conservatories create a vaulted ceiling with a stunning glass gable that truly creates a luxurious and grand conservatory design.Gable Conservatory Batley

P-Shaped Conservatories

When you have plenty of space in your garden, a p-shaped conservatory enables you to have a luxurious additional room that is truly versatile.P-Shaped Conservatory


The orangery is a great mix between a traditional extension and a glass conservatory giving you the very best of both worlds.Orangery Batley

Bespoke Conservatories

If there isn’t one style that suits your tastes in its entirety, then the bespoke conservatory is for you as it enables you to pick and choose elements from other designs.Bespoke Conservatory Batley

Conservatory Prices in Batley

There really is a huge amount of options for you to choose from for your Batley home, so please do contact our friendly team who will happily give you advice and guidance, enabling you to find the best option for you and your home.

If you are choosing a standard conservatory, then you can get an instant online guide price with our quote calculator. It’s simple to use and gives you plenty of design options to inspire you. If however, you want a veranda, porch, a garden room or anything more bespoke for your Batley home, then contact us or visit our showrooms, where our expert staff will be on hand to help you.

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