Ultrasky Lantern Roofs

Ultrasky lantern roofs are a great way to give your orangery, home extension and even your conservatory a better form of natural illumination. These glazed lantern roofs are extremely elegant and minimalist, providing your home with clean, modern lines. They offer homeowners with a greater glazed area, with fewer frame panels. As a result of the incredible glazing, your lantern roof will provide you with better visibility and light for your home. Instead of laying flat on top of your roof, extending to the eaves beam means your chosen lantern roof will ensure you are getting a maximised amount of light entering, keeping your home bright and spacious. Furthermore, they use the internal pelmet and the external cornice for a higher and grander roof. The Ultrasky lantern roofs we are offering are the strongest glass roofs you will find on the market, as they are precision engineered to provide you with greater load-bearing power against wind and snow.

Minimalist Elegance with Ultrasky Lantern Roofs

If you have a new orangery or conservatory, it is natural for you to want your roof to provide you with additional light. In such a case, if your roof has multiple frames and beams, it can look distracting in addition to blocking a lot of the sunlight. With the Ultrasky lantern roof, you won’t have this problem. The lantern roofs we offer utilise the strongest eaves beams, ridge and jack rafter to provide you with a sturdier framework for your roof. As a result, you require fewer beams and panels for the same strength and durability. Another benefit of our Ultrasky lantern roof is that they are considerably lighter than other roofs, which means they don’t need a lot of support. As a result, you get a minimalist style that looks modern, along with extra sunlight.

ultrasky lantern roofs

ultrasky lantern roofs

Tested Against Weather

Glazed roofs are generally perceived to be less resilient against adverse weather conditions. However, that is not the case. Even if it were so, Ultrasky lantern roofs are reinforced to give you superior weather protection. They are significantly stronger than other glazed roofs. Moreover, since they have fewer bars, that means there are fewer points of failure. Additionally, we install each Ultrasky lantern roof with very sturdy gaskets. This gives you greater protection against rain and wind. In fact, they can protect you from the elements in up to 130mph winds!

Choose Your Ultrasky Lantern Roof Style

When installing a glazed extension or an orangery into your home, you would want it to match the rest of your property. This is why with Ultrasky lantern roofs, you get given great flexibility in the appearance of your roof. You can choose between uPVC and aluminium roofs. Moreover, you can specify the style, colour and finish of the roof.
As a result, your roof can effectively match up with your property’s doors and windows. As well as this, you can also get customised features. You can determine the level of security you want. Additionally, you can also specify how thermally efficient you want it to be. With Ultrasky roofs, you can get an orangery or an extension that looks and performs exactly as you want it to.

Durable Ultrasky Lantern Roofs

As we mentioned earlier, Ultrasky lantern roofs are the strongest glazed roofs available. In fact, they have the country’s strongest ridge. You get an IXX value of 2,226kmm4 with fewer bars. Moreover, you get integrated support goalposts. Plus, these roofs are tested for better resistance to weather conditions. You get superior protection from winds and rain.

Ultrasky Lantern Roofs

In addition to your stunning roof, Ultrasky can also give you exquisite and strong lantern roofs. These lantern roofs can be installed as a roof or you can choose to install a roof lantern on top of a flat roof. This way, you can get better illumination from even solid roofs. These lantern roofs are exceptionally heat efficient as well as strong. Moreover, they give you the same strength and durability as Ultrasky roofs.
As a result, you get lantern roofs that have fewer beams for better lighting and sleek style. These stunning fittings will improve the natural lighting in a room that previously didn’t get much. They are also a great feature to add over orangeries just for their beautiful designs.

ultrasky lantern roofs

Ultrasky Lantern Roof Prices

The stunningly elegant appearance and superb features of these roofs might lead you to believe that the Ultrasky lantern roof prices might be prohibitively high. However, with the level of customisation we offer, it is easy to ‘build’ a roof that gives you all the features you need but fits in your budget as well.

To learn more about the attractive Ultrasky lantern roof prices we offer, contact us to speak to someone from our expert team. They will be happy to give you all the information you need. If you are looking for instant quotes, why not try out our quoting engine below?

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