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Select Products are a trusted and fully vetted double glazing and conservatory installer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Our work stretches across the county including Harrogate, Ilkley, Wetherby and Bradford. As an established family run business with many years of experience we are confident we can provide you with the perfect conservatory or orangery installation. As Ultraframe installers, we give you only the very latest and state of the art products – a great way of extending your living space whilst improving energy efficiency levels.

What We Offer

Finding the perfect conservatory is so much easier with Select Products. We offer a stunning range of designs, styles, and colours from leaders in the market. As a result, you can get the perfect home extension for your property, and for your needs.

With our conservatories and orangeries, you can do so much more than just add another room to your home. You can create spaciousness with an open area. Our extensions also help you improve the natural light in your home as well as the ventilation.


Planning Permission and Guarantees

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Each installation that we carry out comes with an insurance backed guarantee for complete protection. This guarantee covers your deposit, the work in progress, the full value of your installation and it is also fully transferable if you sell your home in the future.

Select Products are part of the HomePro insurance scheme that provides 10 years of after care and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty after the date of installation. Just because we aren’t currently working at your property, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you.

Planning Permission

We understand planning permission and building regulations can often be confusing but Select Products do everything we can to make your home improvement as easy as possible. If planning permission is required we will take care of the paperwork for you. As experts in this field we know what is required in order to achieve your dream extension.

Something to bear in mind is that any new structural opening between the conservatory and the existing house will require building regulations approval, even if the conservatory itself is an exempt structure.


Do you make conservatories to order?

Yes – every one of our conservatories is made to measure and can be personalised with a host of accessories and design features both inside and out.

How soon can we have our conservatory?

The average turnaround is 6 to 10 working weeks from receiving the order in writing (depending on the weather or if planning permission is required). This may be longer at busier times.

Can I use my conservatory all year round?

Modern conservatories, with insulated bases and cavity walls which feature double-glazed units and a thermally efficient roof, can indeed be used all year round.

The neighbours are not friendly, how can we protect our privacy?

Conservatories can be made private by the thoughtful use of obscure glass, solid panels at the side, blinds or even a solid wall on one side.

Does a conservatory add value to my home?

The best part about our conservatories and orangeries is the amount of value they add to your home. It’s a fact that a conservatory can add almost 10% to the total value of your home. Moreover, it’s also true that buyers are more attracted to properties that have a conservatory. In fact, a well-chosen extension can make your home look better-lit and much more spacious.

However, this is nothing compared to the value that extra space adds to your life.

You can use your conservatory to serve as an extra room to maximise your space. It can be a play room for kids or a work room for you. You can use it as a dining area or a living room.

Other than extra space, what else do I get out of a conservatory?

Conservatories and Orangeries are a great way to get closer to the outdoor area of your home. These glazed extensions allow you to enjoy and appreciate your garden and your view to the fullest. In fact, they make you feel like you’re outside, but without having to face the elements!

Do you love the rain? You can enjoy a heavy summer shower with a cup of hot chocolate from your conservatory!

These extensions give you a sheltered space from where you can enjoy the sun, rain, snow, and even a particularly dramatic thunderstorm – All without having to be out in the heat or cold.

Which direction should my conservatory face?

The direction it faces determines how much sun it gets. Now, when you consider that this is a glazed room, you can see how too much or too little sun can affect the internal temperatures.

For example, a south-facing conservatory will get the greatest amount of sunlight. This is great if you worship the sun. However, it means that an unprotected conservatory might get too hot in the afternoon, even in winter.

Similarly, a north-facing conservatory may not get enough sun. As a result, it might be too cold in winter.

An east-facing extension will get sun in the morning, but will probably cool down excessively in the evening. On the contrary, a west-facing conservatory will be cold, and probably dark, in the morning, but will get some warmth and illumination from the setting sun.

What should I do if my conservatory gets too warm?

If you have a south or west facing glazed extension, you might find it gets too warm during the day. In such a case, you might need to plan it in a way that allows you to keep it cool. For example, you would probably need to get tinted glass that restricts the amount of solar heat that can enter.

Additionally, you may also need to invest in high quality double glazing. ‘But wait a minute’, you say. ‘Doesn’t double glazing keep the room warm?’.

Well, insulation works both ways. It keeps heat from escaping, yes. However, it also can be used to keep the heat out. The best part about this is that your double glazing will keep your room at a tolerable temperature in the summer. However, it will also keep it warm in winter.

Another thing you might want is patio or bi-fold doors, in addition to windows. On a bright summer afternoon, it might be more enjoyable for you to have wide open doors and windows. This way, you prevent the heat from building up. Plus, you get a cool breeze to alleviate the heat inside.

Additionally, you would want to invest in proper ventilation. This will also prevent moisture build-up when you have your doors and windows closed. Another thing you might want to consider is a tiled or solid roof. These can help keep your room cool. Besides, if you want extra light, you can get roof lanterns or roof windows installed.

What should I do if my conservatory gets too cold?

If you have a conservatory that is too cold, either all the time or during specific times, you might need double glazing. This will prevent too much heat from escaping. Additionally, it might be worth getting a heating system under the floor, or at least a radiator. This will keep the internal temperature to a bearable level.

You can also maximise the sun’s heat by getting dwarf walls. The bricks absorb the solar heat and slowly release it. As a result, the room doesn’t get cold due to the radiated heat.

If you already have a conservatory installed, you might want to ‘cosy’ it up. The first step would have to be a heater or radiator. You can also make the room warm with thick curtains. These act as insulation and limit the amount of heat escaping. However, they would also block light, so plan accordingly.

It might help if you have a lot of warm stuff in the room, like plush sofas and chairs, topped with comfy cushions, blankets, rugs, and throws. This way, even if the room isn’t completely warm, you won’t have to suffer the cold!

The new Victorian conservatory is great. Gives us loads of extra space. It is lovely to sit in on sunny days and isn’t cold in the winter.

Mr & Mrs Thompson from Pudsey.

Fantastic installation of our new Loggia conservatory. We’re so impressed we have showed everyone we know. We have spent more time in here than in the rest of our house.

Mrs Harrow from Holbeck.

Super speedy job carried out by the Select Products team. Even with the few alterations to the initial design we still received our wonderful orangery in no time at all. Couldn’t be happier.

Mr and Mrs Perry from Bradford.

Our Accreditations



Select Products are a FENSA registered installer so you can be rest assured of a professional and accredited conservatory installation. When you choose a FENSA registered company you are receiving trust, consistency and experience for your peace of mind. They make sure that all our conservatory installations are fully compliant with the current building regulations.



TrustMark is a government backed organisation that allows consumers to locate the trusted quality conservatory installers in your area. Select Products are a TrustMark approved installer in Leeds and our technical team have been independently checked and vetted by them. You can be rest assured that the quality of our work is second to none to offer you complete satisfaction.

Checkatrade Select Products


As a trustworthy and reliable double glazing and conservatory installer we are proud to have achieved an exceptional Checkatrade score of 9.8. Our reliability, timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship are all fantastic scores of 9.7 and upwards, something we’re very delighted with.



We are an approved Ultraframe installer in order to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. From initial quote, to planning and completion we guarantee to provide you with exceptional Ultraframe products, superb customer service and all at an affordable cost.



Select Products are experts in the advanced installation of Ultraframe’s Loggia range. Available in three levels of design and cost including the Loggia Prestige, Loggia Premium and Loggia Ultimate. All offering a stunning alternative to a traditional conservatory in Leeds.