Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

A house extension with bi-fold doors can be a great addition to your Leeds property. You can increase the space within your home with an extension like a conservatory or orangery. However, with bi-fold doors, you can seamlessly assimilate indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, you get additional space as well as a welcoming home. You can use it to entertain, socialise, or just to quietly enjoy your garden.

An orangery or a conservatory is a quick and easy way to extend the space in your house. These are generally cheaper than built up extensions, and may not even require building permission. By choosing the right design, you can style and charm to your home. What’s more, with an extension with bi-fold doors, you can give your home in Leeds a modern flair, and a stunning view.

In fact, bi-fold doors work with every conservatory or orangery style. The design is contemporary and beautiful, and can be customised to your requirements. As a result, you can get an entrance as wide as you want. At Select Products, we can help you choose the right home extension with bi-fold doors to give your home extra performance and elegant grace.

Bi-Fold Door Quotes Yorkshire

Bi-Fold Door Quotes Yorkshire

Great Features of an Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

At Select Products, we believe in giving you quality and performance. This is why our house extensions are designed to give you great features. This includes greater thermal efficiency and weather protection. All our extensions effectively trap heat inside so your room warms up quickly and stays warmer for longer. This is a great way to make savings on your energy bills.

Even when you get an extension with bi-fold doors, we give you doors that are as effective at energy efficiency as the extension itself. We offer highly efficient doors that work with the extension to give you a room for all weathers. Even in summer, you can keep cool in your extension with bi-fold doors. The large doors will give you better ventilation so you won’t get too warm.

Additionally, both the extension and the bi-fold doors will keep your home safe from the elements. We offer conservatories, orangeries, and conservatory roofs that help seal your room from cold winds, rain, and snow. We also install our bi-fold doors with gaskets that block out draughts and rain more than effectively.

Additionally, any extension with bi-fold doors you get from us is guaranteed to be highly secure.

Tailored Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

When you get an extension with bi-fold doors for your home in Leeds, you’d want it to blend with your property. An extension that stands out incongruously looks like a cheap addition. However, in order for the extension to blend in, it needs to fit the stylistic requirements. This is why we, at Select Products, give you complete control over the way your extension with bi-fold doors should look.

We offer a staggering range of conservatory colours for you to choose from. We also have some attractive finishes as well. You may want to stick to a conventional white, but you can choose bespoke colours as well. We offer coloured foils like Black, Irish Oak, Fir Green, or Sage Green.

Your extension with bi-fold doors can just as easily be in a wood grain finish.We offer Light Oak, Mahogany, or Rosewood. This way, you can get the authentic timber look all over. However, you don’t have to deal with the high price or the intensive maintenance requirements.

The colour and finish aside, you can also choose the style of the extension with bi-fold doors. In addition to our stunning orangeries, we offer Lean-To and Edwardian conservatories. For more detailed styles, you can choose from Victorian, Gable End, P-shaped, and even bespoke conservatories.

Finally, you can even tailor the performance of your extension with bi-fold doors. We give you bespoke glazing options, including Georgian bars, leaded squares, or leaded diamonds. With the right kind of glazing, you can get a higher Windows Energy Rating. In fact, we offer so much customisation that you can design your extension with bi-fold doors to fit your budget!

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Extension with Bi-Fold Doors Quote

Sleek and stylish bi-fold doors may seem expensive and difficult to afford. However, we offer such great prices that your extension with bi-fold doors is sure to fit in your budget. Moreover, you can tailor the looks and performance to such a large degree that you’ll essentially be buying a bespoke product. That in itself makes our extension with bi-fold doors great value for money.

If you want to see how much your extension with bi-fold doors will cost, just enter your requirements into our online quote engine. It will use the size, material, and fittings you enter to generate your own personalised quote. You can change the specifications to see how they affect the final price. As a result, you will be able to build yourself the perfect extension with bi-fold doors for your needs. What’s more, you’ll get a price estimate almost instantly!

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